Super Doge: Tamadoge Arcade’s Play-to-Earn Crypto Game That’s Taking the World By Storm

• Tamadoge Arcade has released Super Doge, a play-to-earn cryptocurrency game.
• The TAMA token value has increased by 25% since the game’s launch was announced.
• Super Doge is currently in beta testing and is the most popular of the five games in the Tamadoge Arcade.

The Tamadoge Arcade recently unveiled their highly anticipated Super Doge, a new play-to-earn cryptocurrency game. This groundbreaking game marks the entrance of Tamadoge into the play-to-earn cryptocurrency market, and is expected to become a hit amongst both crypto and non-crypto gamers alike.

The advent of Web3 technology has seen a huge rise in the casual gaming industry, and gamers are now able to profit from their gaming experience. Tamadoge’s Super Doge is the first of five games, with beta testing for the remaining two, To the Moon and Rocket Doge, currently underway. Tama Blast and Tamadoge Run are yet to begin testing.

The news of Super Doge’s launch caused a surge in the TAMA token value, with it increasing by 25% since it was initially announced. Despite the overall decline in the cryptocurrency market today, TAMA is still trading at around $0.018 and is expected to hold onto most of its gains.

TAMA’s utility value comes from its role as the play-to-earn ecosystem’s access token. As of now, Super Doge seems to have emerged as the most popular of the games in the Tamadoge Arcade, and is currently in beta testing for two weeks.

With the launch of Super Doge, Tamadoge Arcade is set to take the gaming world by storm. The success of Super Doge is a testament to the potential of the play-to-earn cryptocurrency market, and the potential it has to revolutionise gaming.

SEC Lawsuit: Ripple Optimistic for a Win in First Half of 2023

• XRP price remains bullish as the crypto community anticipates a potential win against the US SEC.
• Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse stated he is optimistic that the lawsuit against the SEC will be settled in the first half of 2023.
• Ripple and the SEC have filed their final submissions in December and are seeking the court’s judgment.

XRP price has been steadily increasing since the start of the year, and the crypto community is eagerly awaiting a potential win against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The leading international money transfer token currently trades at $0.3914 following almost a 3% increase in 24 hours.

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse shared his optimism regarding the lawsuit against the SEC during an interview with CNBC on Wednesday. He believes that the case could potentially be settled in the first quarter of 2023. “We’re optimistic that this will certainly be resolved in 2023, and maybe the first half. So, we’ll see how it plays out from here. But I feel very good about where we are relative to the law and the facts,” Garlinghouse said.

The SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple back in December of 2020, alleging that the blockchain startup and its top executives sold unregistered tokens when raising funds. Ripple has maintained that XRP is not a security but a cryptocurrency, just like Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

In December, Ripple and the SEC filed their final submissions and are now awaiting the court’s judgment. If Ripple wins the lawsuit, the crypto community expects that the XRP price could surge to $0.42 or even higher. This could potentially be a major boost to the crypto market.

At the same time, the crypto community is still wary of the implications of the lawsuit and how it could affect the overall crypto industry. If Ripple loses the lawsuit, it could lead to a decrease in investor confidence and could potentially set a precedent for other tokens in the future.

Regardless of the outcome, the crypto community will be closely monitoring the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple and the potential implications it could have on the crypto market.

Bitcoin Price Stabilizes Above $21K; Upward Rise May Follow

• Bitcoin (BTC) is trading in a narrow range between $20,600 and $21,500 as BTC Price stabilizes above $21K.
• Buyers have been working hard over the previous week to keep the price over $21,500.
• If the resistance at $21,500 is overcome, the upward rise will resume in its second phase with expected peaks between $22,781 and $25,212.

The Bitcoin market has been exhibiting some stability as of late, with the price of the leading cryptocurrency stabilizing above $21,000. The BTC/USD pair has been trading in a narrow range between $20,600 and $21,500, as buyers have been working hard to keep the price above $21,500.

The market is currently in an overbought area, which has restricted Bitcoin’s movements. However, if the price is able to return above the $21,000 support line, it could lead to a rise in the price. But, for now, the sellers are still defending the $21,500 barrier level.

In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin climbed as high as $21,639 before falling. This indicates that the buyers are determined to start another rise. If the resistance at $21,500 is overcome, the upward rise will resume in its second phase.

Analysts believe that the second phase could take the price to peaks between $22,781 and $25,212. However, if the buyers fail to break through the resistance, the price could fall back to the $20,000 support level.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $21,095.63, with a market cap of $406,448,733,357 and a circulating supply of 19,267,218 BTC. It is currently ranked #1 on Coinmarketcap.

Overall, the Bitcoin market appears to be stabilizing above $21,000. Buyers are working hard to keep the price above $21,500, while sellers are defending the resistance at the same price level. If the resistance is broken, the price could potentially rise to peaks between $22,781 and $25,212.

Investeren in ICOs: kansen en mogelijkheden

Hoewel de cryptomarkt de afgelopen jaren enorm aan populariteit heeft gewonnen, zijn er nog steeds veel mensen die niet precies weten wat een Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is. Een ICO is een manier waarop bedrijven of projecten cryptomunten uitgeven om investeringen aan te trekken voor hun product of dienst. Het is een vorm van crowdfunding waarbij investeerders digitale tokens in ruil voor cash of andere cryptovaluta kopen. In deze blogpost bespreken we wat een ICO is, wanneer het interessant is om te investeren in een ICO en hoe je veilig kunt investeren in ICO’s.

Wat is een ICO?

Een Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is een vorm van crowdfunding waarbij bedrijven of projecten digitale tokens uitgeven om geld te verzamelen voor hun product of dienst. De tokens kunnen gebruikt worden om toekomstige producten of diensten te kopen of om deel te nemen aan het project. In veel gevallen worden de tokens verhandeld op een cryptomarkt, waardoor investeerders de mogelijkheid hebben om hun tokens te verkopen en winst te maken.

Wat zijn de beste platformen om in ICO’s te investeren?

Er zijn verschillende platformen waar je in ICO’s kunt investeren. De meest populaire platformen zijn Binance, Coinbase, Kraken en Crypto Bank. Crypto Bank is een platform dat gebruikers in staat stelt om in verschillende cryptomunten te investeren. Het biedt ook een handelsplatform waar gebruikers kunnen handelen in verschillende cryptomunten.

Wanneer is een ICO interessant?

Een ICO is interessant wanneer het project of bedrijf achter de ICO een goed idee heeft en een goede kans heeft om succesvol te zijn. Als het project of bedrijf populair wordt, zal de waarde van de tokens stijgen en kun je winst maken. Zorg er dus voor dat je goed onderzoek doet voordat je besluit om in een ICO te investeren.

Hoe kom je aan informatie over ICO’s?

Er zijn verschillende websites en fora waar je informatie over ICO’s kunt vinden. Deze websites bieden gedetailleerde informatie over de verschillende ICO’s, waaronder informatie over het team achter het project, de verwachte opbrengsten, de risico’s en de technologie die ze gebruiken.

Hoe kies je een goede ICO?

Om een goede ICO te kiezen is het belangrijk om goed onderzoek te doen. Kijk naar het team achter het project, de verwachte opbrengsten, de risico’s en de technologie die ze gebruiken. Daarnaast is het ook belangrijk om naar de omgeving te kijken waarin het project wordt gelanceerd. Kijk naar de markt waarin het project wordt gelanceerd en de concurrentie.

Wat is de risico’s van het investeren in ICO’s?

Net als bij elke vorm van beleggen, zijn er risico’s verbonden aan het investeren in ICO’s. De tokens waar je in investeert, hebben geen waarborg of waarborg dat ze waarde zullen behouden. Er is ook een risico dat het project achter de ICO geen succes zal worden, waardoor je je investering kwijtraakt.

Hoe kun je veilig investeren in ICO’s?

Om veilig te investeren in ICO’s is het belangrijk om goed onderzoek te doen en je risico’s te beoordelen. Kijk naar het team achter het project, de verwachte opbrengsten, de risico’s en de technologie die ze gebruiken. Kies vervolgens een ICO waar je in wilt investeren en zoek uit hoe je je investering kunt beschermen.

Hoe kun je geld verdienen met ICO’s?

Er zijn verschillende manieren waarop je geld kunt verdienen met ICO’s. Als je het juiste project kiest, kun je geld verdienen door je tokens te verkopen wanneer de waarde van de tokens stijgt. Daarnaast kun je ook geld verdienen door het project te volgen en actief betrokken te zijn bij de ontwikkeling ervan.

Wat zijn de beste cryptomunten om te investeren?

Er zijn veel verschillende cryptomunten waar je in kunt investeren. De meest populaire cryptomunten zijn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero en Dash. Maar er zijn nog veel meer cryptomunten waar je in kunt investeren. Kies de cryptomunt die het beste bij je past en doe je onderzoek voordat je investeert.


Als je wilt investeren in ICO’s, is het belangrijk om goed onderzoek te doen en je risico’s te beoordelen. Kijk naar het team achter het project, de verwachte opbrengsten, de risico’s en de technologie die ze gebruiken. Kies vervolgens een ICO waar je in wilt investeren en zoek uit hoe je je investering kunt beschermen. Er zijn verschillende platforms waar je in ICO’s kunt investeren, waaronder Binance, Coinbase, Kraken en Crypto Bank. Met Crypto Bank kun je in verschillende cryptomunten investeren en handelen. Doe je onderzoek en investeer verstandig om het meeste uit je investeringen te halen.

Weak start for previously strong BTC – bearish days ahead?

Bitcoin Weekly Outlook: Weak start for previously strong BTC – bearish days ahead?

  • Bitcoin posted a strong recovery during the weekend session, but looks weaker at the start of the new week.
  • The cryptocurrency’s continued accumulation and the US government’s additional stimulus package are providing tailwinds to the price rally.
  • Meanwhile, rising long-term Treasury yields are weakening Bitcoin’s appeal.

The bitcoin price retreated from its uptrend over the weekend amid the prospect of a Bitcoin Supersplit further rise in US borrowing costs.

On Monday, the BTC/USD exchange rate held support above $50,000 after retreating from its early Asian session high of $51,846. Its modest declines appeared to be due to profit-taking after Bitcoin ended the previous week up 12.71 per cent, according to data from Coinbase, a US-based crypto exchange.

Nonetheless, last week’s upward momentum came in response to Bitcoin’s bearish phase in the week ended 28 February, when it fell more than 21 percent, its worst seven-day performance since the coronavirus sell-off in March. The price action shows medium-term uncertainty among traders.

Fundamental forecast: Bullish

Bitcoin could correct lower to stay in price with its weekly choppiness. Traders are likely to realise their short-term gains in the face of macroeconomic uncertainty led by a dramatic rise in US Treasury bond yields.

Meanwhile, large firms that are bullish on Bitcoin in the long term could absorb the selling pressure from private traders.

Last week was the same. Bitcoin prices rose on Monday as the sell-off in the US government bond market calmed, but they were chopped off when Federal Reserve officials, including Chairman Jerome Powell, failed to provide a forward guidance for rising interest rates.

At one point on March 5, BTC/USD had fallen as low as $46,219 – down 12.24 percent from its previous weekly high.

On the same day, business intelligence firm MicroStrategy announced that it had bought $10 million worth of BTC at an average price of $48,888. The Nasdaq firm’s latest purchase has increased its net bitcoin reserves to 91,064 BTC, currently worth $4.63 billion.

It has made more than 100 per cent in profits so far from its relentless crypto purchases.

Two days later, Bitcoin (go to Plus500 Bitcoin buying guide) rose again. The cryptocurrency climbed to a value of $51,549 by March 7.

The Senate passed US President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus bill on Saturday after making adjustments to direct-pay provisions. Part of bitcoin’s bullishness was also triggered by the prospect of more US dollar liquidity in the system.

Yield effect

Meanwhile, Bitcoin is facing headwinds from a possible rise in US government bond yields. Interest yields on the 10-year Treasury bond rose to 1.607 last week – the best level since the pandemic began – before falling to 1.585 per cent on Monday.

With Powell’s decision to take a wait-and-see approach ahead of the Fed’s interest rate decision on 17 March, it looks like a lack of central bank intervention will continue to push up long-dated bond yields.

Ethereum sale e Bitcoin continua a salire

Il mercato delle criptovalute sta godendo di un’ondata di verde a seguito di una spinta dei prezzi da parte dei due token dominanti.

Ethereum è scoppiato ieri, raggiungendo un nuovo massimo storico di 1.555 dollari. Questo arriva subito dopo che Bitcoin ha rotto la barriera di resistenza dei 35.000 dollari.

Con l’impennata delle principali altcoin, anche il prezzo del mercato ha visto un aumento generale del valore. Con Bitcoin ed Ethereum che guidano il rally, la maggior parte delle criptovalute del settore stanno vedendo ondate di verde.

Non solo il mercato è verde, ma i prezzi stanno aumentando ad un ritmo impressionante, con i token che godono di più del 10% di guadagno negli ultimi giorni di trading.

Prezzo di Ethereum

Nel corso dell’ultimo giorno, Ethereum è salito di oltre l’11% per vedere il suo record di tutti i tempi rotto. Avendo scambiato tra $1200 USD e $1350 USD, vedere una svolta oltre i $1500 USD è un segno rialzista per la principale altcoin.

Guardando il grafico e confrontando il prezzo di Ethereum con quello di Bitcoin, il trend di aumento è chiaro che i primi giorni di febbraio sono stati per lo più gentili con Ethereum, mentre Bitcoin ha preso una leggera botta prima di recuperare.

Analisti ed esperti di criptovalute

Esperti di tecnologia e figure rispettabili si sono espressi recentemente sull’industria. Elon Musk, che non è mai stato uno che evita di fare cinguettii sulle criptovalute, è stato coinvolto nella conversazione intorno allo spazio. Come riportato, ha recentemente preso a piattaforma mediatica privata per offrire che lui è un „sostenitore di Bitcoin“. Secondo l’autore di Coindesk Dan Held e l’emittente britannica Stephen Cole, il CEO di Tesla ha dichiarato:

„Penso che Bitcoin sia sul punto di ottenere un’ampia accettazione da parte della finanza convenzionale“.

Poiché Musk ha indicato Bitcoin in una luce positiva, il mercato ha risposto di conseguenza. Con una fanbase e un seguito, l’influenza di Musk è forte sul mercato e la criptovaluta è salita di quasi il 15% in 30 minuti quando l’esperto di tecnologia ha messo la parola „Bitcoin“ nella sua biografia. Se figure simili al CEO di Tesla continuano ad incoraggiare il Bitcoin, potremmo vedere un altro rally sulle carte.

Harvard und Yale Endowments angeblich kaufen Krypto

Berichte deuten darauf hin, dass einige der größten Universitäten Amerikas Kryptowährungen für ihre Multimilliarden-Dollar-Stiftungen kaufen.

Zahlreiche große US-Stiftungen von Universitäten wie Harvard, Yale, Brown University und der University of Michigan haben Berichten zufolge Kryptowährungen an Börsen gekauft.

Universitätsstiftungen bestehen traditionell aus Geld oder anderen finanziellen Vermögenswerten wie Kryptowährungen, die an akademische Einrichtungen gespendet werden.

In dem Bericht, der auf Bloomberg veröffentlicht wurde, heißt es, dass Coinbase Stiftungen unter den Kunden erwähnt, die in diesem Monat in Krypto investiert haben.

Harvard und Yale gehören zu den Schulen, deren Stiftungen begonnen haben, Kryptowährung direkt an Börsen zu kaufen, laut einem Bericht

– Bloomberg Markets (@markets) January 26, 2021

Auf die Frage nach weiteren Details, wie lange die Investitionen schon stattfinden, sagte die anonyme Quelle;

„Es könnte seit Mitte 2019 sein. Die meisten sind seit mindestens einem Jahr dabei. Ich würde denken, dass sie es wahrscheinlich irgendwann in diesem Jahr öffentlich diskutieren werden. Ich vermute, sie würden sitzen auf einige ziemlich nette Brocken der Rückkehr.“

Institutionen und jetzt auch Universitäten in Krypto

Universitätsstiftungen haben eine spezifische rechtliche Struktur, die darauf abzielt, einen Pool von Investitionen für einen bestimmten Zweck auf unbestimmte Zeit zu verewigen, und Krypto-Assets haben in diesem Jahr bisher am besten abgeschnitten.

Harvard ist die größte Universitätsstiftung mit über 40 Milliarden Dollar an Vermögenswerten, während Yale über 30 Milliarden Dollar hat, Michigan etwa 12,5 Milliarden Dollar und Brown 4,7 Milliarden Dollar. Es ist nicht bekannt, wie viel davon in Krypto-Vermögenswerten ist, aber aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach, es ist ein kleiner Bruchteil.

Bloomberg erwähnte, dass institutionelle Investitionen einen großen Einfluss auf die Bitcoin-Preise in den letzten Monaten hatten, und nannte speziell große Investoren wie Guggenheim Partners LLC und Paul Tudor Jones, die dazu beigetragen haben, das Interesse zu steigern und einen Präzedenzfall zu schaffen.

MicroStrategy kauft weiterhin Bitcoins auf, wobei sich der letzte Kauf am 22. Januar auf 10 Millionen Dollar belief.

MicroStrategy hat in Übereinstimmung mit seiner Treasury Reserve Policy ca. 314 Bitcoins für 10,0 Mio. $ in bar gekauft, zu einem Durchschnittspreis von ca. 31.808 $ pro Bitcoin. Wir halten nun ungefähr 70.784 Bitcoins.

– Michael Saylor (@michael_saylor) January 22, 2021

CEO Michael Saylor wies auch darauf hin, dass die an der Nasdaq notierte Marathon Patent Group gerade BTC im Wert von 150 Millionen Dollar gekauft hat und kommentierte;

„Ein weiteres börsennotiertes Unternehmen nimmt Bitcoin als Wertaufbewahrungsmittel an.“

Grayscale ist auch wieder im „Kaufmodus“, da Bitcoin jetzt 25% billiger ist als zu seinem Allzeithoch vor fast drei Wochen. Das gesamte verwaltete Vermögen des institutionellen Fonds ist wieder auf $26,6 Milliarden gestiegen.

25.01.21 UPDATE: Verwaltetes Nettovermögen, Bestände pro Anteil und Marktpreis pro Anteil für unsere Investmentprodukte.

Total AUM: $26.6 billion$BTC $BCH $ETH $ETC $ZEN $LTC $XLM $ZEC

– Grayscale (@Grayscale) January 25, 2021

Bitcoin Preis Ausblick

Bei Redaktionsschluss befand sich Bitcoin weiterhin in der Korrektur und verlor 4,7 % am Tag bei einem Rückfall auf 31.600 $. Er ist nun um etwa 13% in der Woche gefallen und steuert wieder auf die psychologische Unterstützungszone von $30k zu.

Ein Durchbruch darunter könnte zu einer Beschleunigung des Pullbacks auf 40%-Niveau führen, was etwa $25.000 entsprechen würde.

Previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin: BTC/USD Slumps Sotto il prezzo psicologico di $40k, più grande intatto Uptrend

Previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin (BTC) – 10 gennaio 2021

Ad oggi, il prezzo di BTC/USD si è consolidato al di sopra del livello di supporto di 38.000 dollari. I tori hanno tentato di spingere BTC al di sopra della resistenza di 42.000 dollari, ma sono stati respinti. Il crypto sta ora fluttuando al di sotto della resistenza di 41.000 dollari. Il movimento dei prezzi Bitcoin è stato limitato tra i 38.000 e i 41.000 dollari.

Livelli di resistenza: $45.000, $46.000, $47.000
Livelli di supporto: $35.000, $34.000, $33.000

L’attuale rally di Bitcoin è stato bloccato al di sotto del livello di resistenza di 42.000 dollari. L’8 gennaio, la moneta ha raggiunto i 41.649 dollari prima di essere respinta al recente massimo. Negli ultimi tre giorni, il crypto ha oscillato tra i 38.000 e i 42.000 dollari. La moneta del re raggiungerà il massimo di 45.000 dollari quando gli acquirenti supereranno la resistenza a 42.000 dollari. Bitcoin non ha potuto raggiungere i 45.000 dollari perché l’RSI è oltre il livello 76. Sul lato negativo, se il prezzo si ritrae e rompe il supporto di 38.000 dollari, il mercato scenderà a 30.850 dollari al minimo. Nel frattempo, il Bitcoin è sceso e al momento della scrittura è scambiato a 39.261 dollari.

Il Bitcoin è pronto ad esplodere mentre Biden prepara uno stimolo di 3 trilioni di dollari

Secondo Axios, un notiziario di Arlington riferisce che Joe Biden ha chiesto al Congresso di fornire agli americani 2.000 dollari di incentivi. L’importo serve ad alleviare la devastazione economica di Covid-19. Il presidente entrante ha anche proposto un pacchetto di 3.000 miliardi di dollari di tasse e infrastrutture come parte del suo programma „Build Back Better“. Questo piano di stimolo fiscale potrebbe far salire nuovamente il prezzo della BTC. In altre parole, il piano dell’amministrazione Biden di inondare l’economia statunitense con trilioni di dollari potrebbe infiammare la prossima tappa del mercato dei tori Bitcoin. Con questo piano, un numero maggiore di investitori cercheranno rifugio da un dollaro americano che si sta sgretolando.

Nel frattempo, la Bitcoin è caduta dopo non aver superato la resistenza di 42.000 dollari. La moneta è scesa a 39.261 dollari. L’8 gennaio un corpo di candela ha testato il livello di ritracciamento di Fibonacci del 78,6%. Ciò implica che la moneta salirà e si invertirà al livello 1,272 estensioni Fibonacci. Cioè, Bitcoin raggiungerà un massimo di 45.320,60 dollari, ma farà il reverse. L’inversione non sarà immediata.

IOTA drama behind the scenes: Now the founder of the coin speaks up

IOTA founder David Sønstebø was „removed“ from the IOTA Foundation on December 10th.
Now he has published an article on this. He says the aftermath of the breakup was avoidable.

IOTA founder David Sønstebø broke his silence on December 26th about the matter of his departure.

Sønstebø published a statement on Medium . In the posting, he gave his side of the story back and left public messages for the remaining board members of the IOTA Foundation.

Technically happy

For the public, IOTA was moving in a positive direction at the end of 2020. In December, IOTA formed a partnership regarding ecological sustainability solutions. On November 30th, the platform announced its next generation wallet – Firefly. In addition, the public test network of IOTA 1.5, called Chrysalis, went live. But behind the scenes the tension grew.

Only sparse at first

The first official indication that something was wrong came in the form of a short post on the IOTA Foundation (IF) blog. In it, the board of directors and the supervisory board declared that their interests and those of Sønstebø had „diverged significantly“. They thanked him for establishing the unit they led and wished him entrepreneurial success.

However, on December 12th, an addendum appeared on the blog. The foundation reminded readers that “IOTA is not about a single person.” At the same time, the foundation emphasized the role that David Sønstebø played in the establishment and initial development. They also wrote that his departure would change “absolutely nothing” in the strategy and delivery of Chrysalis and Coordicide.

Sønstebøs Answer

On December 26th, Sønstebø published his version of what happened. He explains that he was silent at first so that the publication of Chrysalis could continue.

Sønstebø claims that what prompted him to write his article was the preventable chaos created by the IOTA Foundation. His departure, he writes, could have been coordinated between him and IF to suppress loose talk.

Rather than describing a tit-for-tat style of attack, Sønstebø points to three salient features of the development of the project that led to the split. He focuses on the maturity of the project and the need for a separate CEO / COO.

Then he focuses on the finances (especially in 2020) and his repeated proposal to liquidate the foundation to keep the IOTA project itself independent of the markets.

He also emphasizes that the liquidation proposal was not due to financial problems of the IOTA Foundation. Finally, he describes a panicked board member who sees a potential benefit – the creation of new services – slipping away. In his opinion, as the founder, they never had this opportunity.

Chris Wood reduziert das Gold der Pensionskasse für BTC

Wood wird Gold für Bitcoin in einem Pensionsfonds der Jeffries Financial Group verkaufen.

Dies ist eines der ersten Male, dass ein großer Pensionsfonds öffentlich in Kryptowährung investiert hat.

Wood, der globale Leiter der Strategie des Unternehmens, bleibt optimistisch in Bezug auf Gold

Möchten Sie mehr wissen? Treten Sie unserer Telegrammgruppe bei und erhalten Sie Handelssignale, einen kostenlosen Handelskurs und tägliche Kommunikation mit Kryptofans!

Das Trust Project ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, die Standards für Transparenz entwickeln.

Chris Wood, ein leitender Angestellter der Jeffries Financial Group, wird einen Teil der Goldposition des Unternehmens abbauen und Bitcoin kaufen . Die Milliarden-Dollar-Investmentfirma ist eines von vielen großen Finanzunternehmen, die ihr Kapital in den Ring für die weltweit beliebteste Kryptowährung werfen.

Gold wird zu digitalem Gold

Am 19. Dezember 2020 hat Bitcoin ein neues Allzeithoch von über 24.000 US-Dollar erreicht . Dies brachte Erinnerungen an den Bullenlauf 2017, jedoch mit mehr Unterstützung durch die Fundamentaldaten. Seit 2017 beschäftigen sich Banken und Wall Street-Mogule wie Jamie Dimon von JP Morgan (JPM) in den 180er Jahren mit Blockchain-Technologie oder Bitcoin (BTC).

Diesmal ist also die vorsichtige Wall Street im Spiel. Christopher Wood, der globale Leiter der Aktienstrategie bei Jeffries, sagte, dass sein Unternehmen Bitcoin kauft . Obwohl er weiterhin optimistisch in Bezug auf Gold ist, wird er die Goldposition des Unternehmens zugunsten der digitalen Währung reduzieren. Vor diesen Änderungen hatte Woods Fonds etwa 50% Gold bereitgestellt. Jetzt gehen 5% der Goldzuteilung an BTC.

Pensionskassen stapeln Sats

Insbesondere wird die Änderung der Goldallokation in Woods langjährigem globalen Portfolio für auf US-Dollar lautende Pensionsfonds erfolgen. Dies macht den Umzug zu einer der ersten öffentlichen und großen Zuweisungen für Bitcoin in einer Gruppe großer Pensionsfonds.

Dies ist nicht die allererste Investition dieser Art. Anscheinend hat Norwegen für einige seiner staatlichen Investmentfonds ein Bitcoin-Engagement erzielt. Ebenso scheint Morgan Creek Digital, ein Unternehmen, das in Blockchain-Unternehmen investiert, von Pensionsfonds in den USA unterstützt zu werden .

Pensionsfonds könnten nicht nur in Blockchian investieren, sondern Blockchain könnte auch zur Verwaltung von Pensionsfonds verwendet werden. Nicht weniger als hat sich verpflichtet, sein Rentensystem mit dieser Technologie zu verwalten.